Accelerate Microbiome Analytics

Convenient and rapid end-to-end solutions for your microbiome analysis needs. We simplify the interpretation of complex microbial communities from any system, even the most challenging environments, and help our clients make sense of their microbiome data. Our products and services include DNA extraction kits, diagnostic sequencing, bioinformatics analysis and microbiome improvement products.

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How it works

Study Design & Consultation

Our technical experts would be happy to consult with you to help design your study to make sure it is robust, and will answer any questions that you may have.

Sample Extraction

We will discuss with you the best method of sample collection, preservation and shipping, based on your individual needs, and accept either raw samples or purified DNA. Our DNA isolation kits provide a powerful and convenient method to extract superior yields of high quality DNA from a wide range of sample types. Alternatively, we would be pleased to provide DNA/RNA extraction services.


Our expert technical staff will prepare and sequence Illumina MiSeq sequencing libraries from your samples. Our sequencing services include taxonomic marker-gene (16S, 18S and ITS) amplicon sequencing to identify which microbes are present and at what proportion, and shotgun metagenomic sequencing to identify the types and quantities of microbes and genes present in your samples. We can also sequence the total RNA (metatranscriptome) or custom PCR amplicons of your favourite gene, and determine the identity of microbial isolates.


Whether you’ve sequenced your samples with us or not, our bioinformatics team can use our optimized marker-gene and metagenomic pipelines to analyze your data. We can provide in-depth or basic analyses and reports, based on your needs and questions.Our bioinformaticians can also work with you on custom workflows, including analysis of metatranscriptome data.

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