Sample Extraction

Use our DNA extraction kits, or have us provide this service. Our sample extraction generates highly purified DNA from all samples types and is specialized in low biomass or otherwise challenging samples. The resuting DNA is suitable for amplicon sequencing, metagenomics or genomics.

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DNA Sequencing

Amplicon sequencing at 30,000 reads/sample MiSeq (2x250 cycles standard)

  • Bacteria / Archaea: 16S V4 or V4-V5
  • Fungal: ITS1
  • Eukaryal: 18S V4-V5
  • Algal: V8-V9
  • Custom amplicon
    • 2x150 and 2x300 kits also available
Shotgun sequencing
  • Up to 15 M reads using 2x250 or 2x300 reagent kits
  • Functional genes in addition to taxonomic markers
  • Recommend preliminary amplicon sequence analysis

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  • Level 1: alpha-diversity (species richness and diversity), taxonomy
  • Level 2: beta-diversity (compare samples based on taxonomic composition and sample metadata)
  • Level 3: further sample characterization (phylogenetic/taxonomic novelty, indicator species, mining for specific taxonomic data)
  • Metagenomics: assembled genomes, gene annotation, functional enrichment, bioprospecting (discuss analysis design with analytics team)

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